Why am I writing about this? I’ve been there— and it was a bumpy ride...

A glimpse of some of the book’s stories and insights, each with something to tell us about ourselves.

Advice on Sibling and Family Dynamics

Organizations and websites where a family caregiver or siblings can get help.
















They're Your Parents, Too! How Siblings Can Survive Their Parent' Aging Without Driving Each Other Crazy - by Francine Russo   Amazon | Borders | Barnes & Noble
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“...a stunning book about one of the most complex but ignored times of human transition... unique in the field of close relationships…"


Pauline Boss,  Author, Ambiguous Loss (Harvard University Press) 

"...Not to be missed ...More than a how-to book, this groundbreaking work illuminates a difficult stage of life..."

 Library Journal  

Francine answers questions about her new book.






A Dynamic Speaker on Hot Boomer Topics

 " I COULD HAVE LISTENED TO THE SPEAKER FOR HOURS!"  That's what one of our AmeriClub members said about Francine's talk, “No Old People in our Family.” It was awesome!  She held the audience captive for an hour of helpful, insightful and compassionate insights into the many challenges adult children face , delivered with such sincerity, personal knowledge and humor. It was one of the best programs I have had the privilege of attending in a long time.”  Joan Gibson, AmeriClub Director, American Trust & Savings Bank, Dubuque, IA April, 2012

“A very poignant and powerful presentation. We have heard nothing but rave reviews...and would like to arrange a repeat performance.” — Harriet Rosenberg, Jewish Home Lifecare, New York  

“Francine Russo gave a polished and thought-provoking presentation to our ... attorneys and other members of our Wall Street community.” — Ann Lesk, Esq., New York

“Francine is an engaging speaker who captured our attention with her energy and poignancy. Highly credible with a refreshing perspective” — Beth Wiggens, DARTS, West St. Paul, MN

What fights with siblings are REALLY about...


When time is running out with our parents...

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They're Your Parents, Too!

Since the publication of They’re Your Parents, Too! and the media sensation it has created, author Francine Russo has been much in demand as a keynote and workplace speaker. This first book to address the emo- tions of this new life-passage and the epidemic of family tensions among baby boomers has touched a nerve with boomer and senior readers and in the national media. Francine also does consulting with companies targeting this market.  

Sample Topics  
Topics Francine can address include how family dynamics–and sibling issues in particular—affect a family’s ability to deal with caring for aging parents and related issues: caregiving, dementia, elder law issues, end-of-life decisions, mourning, and the reinvention of the original family in the next generation.  She can develop presentations that would be appropriate for the family caregiver, geriatric care managers, marketers, human resources professionals, elder law attorneys, psychotherapists or a varied group. Titles include: 

How Boomer Siblings Can Manage Parent-Care Together

 Re-frame Multi-Generational Thinking and  Decision-Making in the Aging Market

Employee Caregivers: How to Reduce Family Stress 

Seniors, Ease the Aging Passage for Your Children—and YourselfDid We Grow Up in the Same Family? Understanding Fairness and Responsibility as Parents Age Who Put You in Charge? Deal Better with Parents’ POA’S or Trustees



Keynotes and Workshops include: 

Massachusetts General Hospital

North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System

New York County Lawyers Association

92Y Tribeca

Jewish Home Lifecare

DARTS Eldercare

Career Highlights  
Journalist, author, and speaker, Francine Russo is known for being among the first to spot developing trends, particularly in her own boomer generation. Keenly attuned to psychological themes, she has honed the intimate interview, drawing her subjects to discover and articulate their own deepest feelings, talents she mined in her appearances on Oprah and other venues. For nearly a decade Francine covered the boomer and aging beat for Time magazine and in 2004 established a popular niche, becoming Time's boomer expert in her regularly featured "Ask Francine” column. She has developed an enthusiastic following with her frequent articles in media like The Atlantic, The New York Times Magazine, Redbook, Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal, and The Village Voice, where she also was a theater critic for over a decade. She is a New York Times Fellow at the International Longevity Center and a ‘Who’s Who’ expert at the Sloan Work-Family Network. Dr. Russo (Ph.D., English) lives in Manhattan.She brings a rich personal history to her writing as a daughter, sister, wife, widow, mother of two, and stepmother of three. 

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