Why am I writing about this? I’ve been there— and it was a bumpy ride...

A glimpse of some of the book’s stories and insights, each with something to tell us about ourselves.

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They're Your Parents, Too! How Siblings Can Survive Their Parent' Aging Without Driving Each Other Crazy - by Francine Russo   Amazon | Borders | Barnes & Noble
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“...a stunning book about one of the most complex but ignored times of human transition... unique in the field of close relationships…"


Pauline Boss,  Author, Ambiguous Loss (Harvard University Press) 

"...Not to be missed ...More than a how-to book, this groundbreaking work illuminates a difficult stage of life..."

 Library Journal  

Francine answers questions about her new book.






If you or your siblings are caring for aging parents, you’re in a tumultuous new life-passage: Caregiving, Medical help, Legal decisions, Death. Your siblings can be there for you like no one else—or they can drive you crazy and make everything harder. How can you make your family work now? THEY’RE YOUR PARENTS, TOO! is the first book to offer siblings a psychological and practical roadmap through this life-changing family transition. Filled with engaging, helpful stories of sisters and brothers with struggles like yours--whether you are the family caregiver or not--it also has research and top clinical expertise from geriatric care managers, family therapists and other experts on caregiving, family psychology, dementia, elder law, end-of-life decisions, and many more issues that can arise during the time of caring for aging parents or in the aftermath.



The Caregivers Conundrum: Scientific American Mind Cover Story, Nov/Dec 2016

 Young Presidents Organization of the Levant and Beirut (YPO), 
Beirut, April 21st, 2016

°      Keynote, Jewish Family Service, Cinncinati, May 4, 2016

 ° Address to Staff, Inter-American Development Bank,
June 10, 2015, Washington, D.C. 

° Keynote, Bretren Village Retirement Community, June 16, 2015, Lancaster, PA Keynote, Texas Council on Family Relations Annual Conference, April 3, 2014

 Russo's Parade Cover Story on Siblings on MSNBC's  Morning Joe


 THE SIBLING EXPERT on Siblings and Eldercare 

 "" I COULD HAVE LISTENED TO THE SPEAKER FOR HOURS!"  That's what one of our AmeriClub members said about Francine's talk, “No Old People in our Family.” It was awesome!  She held the audience captive for an hour of helpful, insightful and compassionate insights into the many challenges adult children face , delivered with such sincerity, personal knowledge and humor. It was one of the best programs I have had the privilege of attending in a long time.”  Joan Gibson, AmeriClub Director, American Trust & Savings Bank, Dubuque, IAIowa BANKS TOUR for Heritage and Senior AccountsApril 16-19,2012,  

Speaker, Rosalynn Carter Institute 
 10 am February 20, 2013 

Keynote Speaker:Young Presidents Organization, Kansas City
Kansas City, Kansas January 7, 2013


        Debut on PBS' NEXTAVENUE.ORG

NEW YORK TIMES: "Or consult Francine Russo's Book,
They're Your Parents, Too!
" "The New Old Age Blog"

"When Siblings Step Up"  
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"Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"
       "Francine Russo has waded fearlessly into this emotional thicket...."
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  9 mistakes adult siblings make when parents are aging
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  "Not to be missed...groundbreaking"Library Journal